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Our approach revolves around taking marketing ‘back to the old school’. By thinking first and acting second we simplify the marketing process and let the data do the talking. Working together with business executives and managers we tailor a purposeful marketing strategy that drives and delivers better returns for your company.

Our implementation teams (spanning design, digital, web, search, PR, events and video) work with the marketing managers to execute the strategy in a partnership with the client’s own team. By keeping marketing simple and not over-complicating what needs to happen next our tailored teams of experts are able to work in seamlessly with your own. Delivering better results when it counts most.

We call this model Marketing as a Service. It’s been working for over 100 clients since we got started in 2010.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed

We’re a collective of strategists, thinkers, creators, and do-ers called Metro Marketing.

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Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. Plain and simple when it comes to providing effective marketing advice and enabling good management decisions for your business data is everything. Marketing is much more of a science than an art and we don’t see the good in marketing from the gut anymore. Not in an age of information and limitless data sets.


Our strategic planning is centred on a common sense approach combined with big picture thinking. We use creative thinking and a deep understanding of your business environment to help set out bespoke marketing objectives and build out a one page marketing plan for your business.


Action refers to the tangible work our team does for our clients. Their expertise in design, digital, google adwords, PR, event management and web puts us in the strongest position to deliver cost-effective and high-value marketing work for your business. By ensuring a think first act second approach to your marketing we’re also able to reduce wasted marketing dollars and help maximise your impact.


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