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Google AdWords makes it possible to be everywhere your potential customers are looking online. Metro Marketing has been managing and optimising Google campaigns since 2013; working with a diverse portfolio of clients to achieve good results on Google. 

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Google AdWords Partners

Metro Marketing certified as Google Partners in April 2015 – two years after launching our first Google AdWords optimisation service. This badge shows that our business is healthy, our clients are happy, and that we meet Google best-practices for excellence in our work with the AdWords platform.


Best Practice

All of our digital experts are independently certified with Google and work to Google Partners Best Practice standards.

Strategic Thinkers

To be a digital expert with Metro Marketing you also need to be competent with marketing strategy. We lead with objectives and stay cohesive with your brand voice.


Every three months, you receive a digital review and update with insights and learnings from your account. You can also call your dedicated digital team member at any time to find out more on progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service run by Google for businesses looking to place ads on the Google Search or Display Network. This type of digital advertising can be used for building awareness via display marketing or to help a brand be ‘early’ or ‘first’ to the market with targeted ads placed on relevant organic search results.

Search advertising is also known as Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising. This means that businesses are only charged when a user clicks on their ad and visits their website. Generally, search is ideal for a business whose customers are already aware of their need (e.g. a plumbing or legal firm) and are using Google Search in their buying cycle. When a user enters a search query into Google ads can appear above or below the organic content.


How does optimisation work?

AdWords optimisation occurs when keywords, ads, targeting settings, ad groups and campaigns are working in sync with each other to generate a positive return on investment for a business over time. Various components are carefully tweaked to ensure optimal performance for the account and given budget.

A dedicated account advisor will focus on working holistically with your AdWords account. Optimisation is achieved by being both data-driven and results-focused, and by looking to the wider business context to help drive long-term web-traffic growth and conversion.

Metro Marketing AdWords strategists use your marketing objectives to direct the themes and profile of the account and subsequent campaigns. AB split testing and Google Analytics tools are also employed in the optimisation process to help lift metrics over time.

What does it mean to work with Metro Marketing?

Our AdWords specialists have been trained and certified with Google both individually and as a collective firm for having best practice and up to date knowledge of search, display, video, mobile and remarketing advertising with Google. The team has experience with accounts that have regional, national and international scope, and work daily with improving AdWords strategies and the Metro Marketing approach to optimisation.

As a new account, your campaigns will undergo an exploratory setup and basic optimisation phase, before moving into an optimisation and A/B testing cycle with an AdWords strategist. Learnings are documented quarterly and published along with metrics and recommendations for your business.

How long should I run Adwords for?

We recommend working in 90 day formats, as we find that metrics usually need 6-8 weeks to settle after structural changes are made to an account.

After 6-12 months of regular optimisation, many accounts are eligible to move into maintenance mode, which means they’re optimised and ticking over in the background for your business. When competition or keywords change, we can move back into an early-stage optimisation mode or restructure. It all depends on the nature of your industry and your account scope, but if AdWords is driving good traffic for your website and converting, there’s no reason that AdWords shouldn’t be an ‘always on’ promotion tool for your business.

I don't understand the AdWords jargon. Can you help explain what you mean?

Here is a short list of some of the terms we use when talking about an AdWords account:

Keyword = A word we are looking to place bids on so that ads show when a likely customer searches using that term. e.g. ‘hairdressing auckland’

Campaign = An umbrella category for Ad Groups to sit in

Ad Group = More specific sub-categories for Ads to sit in, so we have more control over the settings that might affect a certain set of ads

Ad = What shows on the search results page, usually at the top or along the right hand side. Ads include a short headline, two lines of further description, and a link to a selected landing page. The best ads work when you follow a tested ad structure.

Average CPC = This means the average cost of a click, or cost per click. With Google Search advertising, you’re only paying when a user clicks on your ad, not when it shows. We try to minimise the average cost of a click by writing better ads, improving quality scores and being selective with keyword bids

Quality Score = Quality Score is a out of 10 score that gives us an indication of how ‘good’ our ads are. It is made up of factors like keyword relevance, landing page quality, user behaviour on your site, and historic search data. The best quality scores are 10/10, and it is best to avoid anything lower than a 5 or 6 where possible

Conversion Rate = The rate of users turning into leads or sales for your business, given in a percentage

Search or Display = Search refers to Google search results, when a user uses a keyword based query to find something they need. This works best for businesses with customers who already know they need you, and are at the research phase of their buying process. Conversely, Display is Google’s visual network of websites that image or multimedia ads can be placed on, including Display works best for building brand awareness with a specific audience and remarketing

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