Digital Marketing & Optimisation

The digital marketing team works both to rollout and manage digital campaigns across Facebook, Google, and email platforms, and to manage and optimise websites and your other digital platforms. By putting time into research and using the data provided by Analytics, we’re able to help your team drive good management decisions.

Our approach to digital marketing…

Our digital strategies start with an analysis of your digital funnel; a better understanding of how your customers go from being social viewers through to visiting your website and becoming loyal influencers for your brand. Once we understand how your customers behave, what they are motivated by, and what they’re looking for at each step, we can optimise the overall web experience specifically for your market.

To do this, we employ a range of digital tools and testing programmes. Your digital team will advise you on the best use of resources online, and help with making decisions about the allocation of your advertising spend, your social media use, your website performance, email marketing and your content strategy.

The digital team have also been certified Google Partners since April 2015 – two years after launching our first Google AdWords optimisation service. This badge shows that our business is healthy, our clients are happy, and that we meet Google best-practices for excellence in our work with the AdWords platform.

Looking for AdWords?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a process of making your website appealing to the search engine giants like Google, by looking to meet their best practice standards and performing optimally for your customers. We don’t think your business should settle for second-rate optimisation, and we’re extremely passionate about helping businesses succeed online.

How SEO works – a quick guide to Google

A Search Engine works by taking the words used by someone when they’re searching online, then running a complex algorithm, and throwing back a list of organic search results to the user, in the order of most relevant to least relevant. But what many small-medium businesses find, is that although a user may be looking for a ‘plumber in Hamilton’, their website ‘’ is sitting on the third page of search results and their potential customers are not finding them.

Why does this happen?

Most likely, Google doesn’t know what it’s meant to do with your website. It doesn’t have enough information on who you are and what you can do for your customers – so it’s not going to feature your website highly in its search results. When Google needs to list plumbers, it’s looking for the plumbing websites with quality copy, strong meta-descriptions, fast loading times, relevant landing pages and about a hundred other optimised elements to show first.

Google’s search algorithm is ever-evolving, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of your SEO work in the modern digital age. Google may rank your site for its level of mobile optimisation, for past user’s behaviour on your website, or even your social presence, but it changes constantly.

We stay ahead by keeping our finger on the pulse with SEO techniques and taking action as we see shifts in the industry. We’ve also maintained our competitive edge in the digital realm by employing a ‘Limit Chaos, Act on Data’ philosophy in our work – which means we’re always going back to our data and working to understand what it is telling us before we take action. By being data-driven and results- focused we’re able to compound many small 1% improvements for clients and help them achieve long-term growth online.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

This is a process of optimising your website for the benefit of your customers and your bottom line. We have a clear CRO process which we follow when working on a website. This is based on industry best practice standards, and the changing digital trends we observe daily through our work.

Below is the start of our digital consultation process and some questions that we will ask a new digital client coming on-board with us. With those answers to work with, we then start to make a clear plan of attack on how to move forward – whether it be with A/B Split testing, design/functionality, keyword integration, content tweaks or changes to your existing conversion pathways.

Our focus is always on making small and compounding 1% improvements to your website, rather than chasing after any stand-alone 100% improvement (although we’ll take them if they’re there to be had!). We use conversion data, behaviour analysis and heat-maps to help draw conclusions on what is and isn’t working. We then look to repeat the process – armed with new knowledge, fresh insights and relevant data.

You are welcome to use this resource as a way to spark your own thoughts and ideas, or we’re happy to advise and take a leading role in helping you plan your CRO process. We’re very effective springboards and we’d be happy to help you out where we can.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Process:

1.  Website traffic analysis

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. Which users are converting?
  3. What are users doing on my site?
  4. What are the metrics saying?

2.  What is stopping them?

  1. How easy is it to enquire?
  2. How much sacrifice is there for a user to register interest?
  3. Is it easy to find contact information?
  4. Does your audience trust you?
  5. Do they like you?
  6. Is it clear what you can do for them?
  7. Are you optimised for Search Engines too?

3. What is our action plan?

  1. Where are our conversion pathways?
  2. How can we create a friendlier and more trustworthy environment?
  3. Are we asking for the sale/lead?
  4. What is our competition doing?
  5. What are our goals?

4.  Let’s get underway

  1. How much time do we need to start working on our goals?
  2. What tasks should we focus on first?
  3. What’s our timeline for pulling it all together?

5. Review and re-plan

  1. What went well with the past changes?
  2. What are the metrics saying?
  3. What did we notice?
  4. What did you notice?
  5. Where to next?
Social Media Strategy, Advisory & Execution

Being Social

Being social is about being just that – you have to engage, be personable and let the conversation flow two ways with your audience.

How we can help your business

We pull together, plan and execute social campaigns for businesses by working with their existing branding and crafting a social presence that will stay true to their brand voice and personality. Once we commit to a course of action with you and your team, we can either support you in the rollout, or take an active role in managing your social campaigns.

Our aim is to push strong and consistent brand messaging on your behalf, by integrating your social strategy with your overall marketing direction and goals. We keep you in the loop with monthly reporting and campaign performance breakdowns, and ‘limit the chaos’ around your social results with clear data analysis and interpretation.

Our top 10 social platforms and tools that we love:

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