Excelso Coffee

A small coffee roastery doing a world of good | Tauranga, New Zealand

Excelso Coffee first started working with Michelle almost sixteen years ago. Carrie Evans, founder of Excelso Coffee, has been interviewed about her experiences with Metro below.

How’s it been working with Metro?

“I find Metro to be inspirational, motivational, always full of ideas. I always come away from meetings with the team feeling so motivated with what I can do – and the ideas side of things that Metro can come up with are amazing.

The vision they see for my business is so in line. They know my business, they really do. And so the ideas I get back for what I can do, and for what is possible, often I haven’t even thought about them yet.

Over the years, we’ve worked together to adapt our design, to go through our brand change, and to change our marketing to suit the digital field, and Metro has made it so much simpler. Going forward it doesn’t matter how small the job is, I know I can just pick up the phone and see this idea of mine come to life. Sometimes the ideas they give me are a bit off the wall, and I don’t always choose to go with them, but I still know they’re out there if I ever want to go back to them. I get a phone call from someone in the team – just to let me know they’ve seen something. That’s what works about Metro – they share.

In our industry, the competition is huge. It’s huge, and I am always looking for new and innovative things that no one else is doing. We have to always be setting ourselves apart, and I think Metro provides that edge in all of the avenues they have. From writing stories for the paper for us, to helping with my website, to updating our analytics, to everything in between. It works.”


Do you feel more confident with making your own marketing decisions now? 

“I definitely feel more confident – the experience that sits behind those sound decisions that Metro’s making for me, or the experience behind the ideas that they bounce off me, it makes me feel like there’s good thinking there, driving the business forward.”

Tell us about Excelso…

Excelso Coffee is one of Bay of Plenty’s top coffee roasteries, having been operating in the Bay since the early 1990’s. Our main focus has always been on providing a consistently fresh, premium product to all coffee lovers around New Zealand. We spend a good deal of time imparting knowledge about coffee, answering questions and advising on coffee blends, and sourcing the right coffee making equipment to suit individuals.

You can find us at 112 Third Ave West, Tauranga, New Zealand, or on Instagram @excelso_coffee.


Lastly, what about #WaterforCambodia?

Water for Cambodia is our project for social good, helping to deliver clean, fresh water to families in Cambodia by building wells with funds raised from the ‘Good Coffee’ programme. Good Coffee is sold in store, and via gift packs online, so customers are able to purchase responsibly to help build these wells around Cambodia.

(In mid 2016, we interviewed Josie, Excelso’s General Manager, for the Metro run project, Step Changers. You can read the interview here)