Heart & Stove

Heart & Stove was born out of the realisation that healthy eating needs a bigger place in today’s fast paced world | Tauranga, New Zealand

How did you first hear about Metro?

When I was starting my business I went to Google first, and I did some reading on different websites. I remember reading something about Michelle somewhere, and that sort of stood out for me.

What was your experience with the whole Metro process like?

It was really positive. I was just starting my business for the first time – quite naïve and inexperienced – and they were really helpful with everything. They seemed really passionate and enthusiastic. You can tell with Michelle, she just bubbles over with ideas, and that’s so cool. That’s how I feel about my trade, and I like to work with people who feel that way about theirs. 

What made you want to start the company?

I have training in nutrition, and experience in hospitality, and I wanted a business where I could merge those two interests. I was in baking before, but I was getting tired of it, because I really wanted to be in healthy eating. I’m not sure where the idea came from for H&S originally, but the idea of making lunches freshly prepared and delivering them to people just sort of sprung out, and I’ve been developing the business concept ever since.

The biggest unexpected lesson that came out of starting up your own business?

I guess that you are never really finished – it’s always evolving and changing, and I can’t ever reach a point where I’ll say “everything’s perfect” and feel like everything’s finished. There’s always going to be more to do.

What’s your favourite type of salad?

Hmm. When I have a new one. It’s a changing, rotational, seasonal menu, and so sometimes I’ll get inspiration from somewhere and I’ll work on it until it’s perfect, and then that becomes my favourite one. I don’t have one that’s always my favourite though.