Leading marketing with a purpose

Our vision of leading marketing with a purpose in New Zealand gives us four reasons to be here; to set the standard for good marketing in New Zealand, to make every marketing decision deliberately (and with a plan at play), to fulfil specific roles in the organisations we work with, and to ultimately use our skills in marketing to drive social good.

Serve First, Profit Second

Profit is no longer the only indicator of business success. Impact stands out, what a business is able to achieve for their community through their work and success.

Metro has operated as business for social good since established in 2012. We use our skills in marketing to better the communities around us, by engaging in pro bono marketing work, optimising Google AdGrant accounts, providing strategic marketing advice at a board level to NGOs, and by using our implementation teams to help various causes.

About Step Changers

Stepchangers is a Metro run project focused on the creation and celebration of social good. We tell the stories of clients and New Zealand businesses who are helping to shape social good in everyday ways through their work. Our hope with Step Changers is to help create a business culture where purpose-led companies are not just normal, but expected.

Interested in Collaborating?

We love our partners, and we are passionate about doing good work for good people in our communities. Please enquire with us to discuss our charity partnerships and pro bono project work.

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